Unlock Instant Utility Rebates to Start Saving Now!

Utility rebates for commercial customers abound. Researchers estimate there is over $280 million available in Utility Rebate Funding for commercial LED Lighting in 2018. The proliferation of commercial utility rebate offers can be confusing and complex. As experts commercial utility rebate programs, Apollo Lighting can help light the way to savings!

What Are Utility Rebates?

Many utility companies offer rebates as an incentive to commercial customers for upgrading to more energy efficient lighting. You could receive a significant rebate for using energy-efficient products on your next project. Selecting which offer makes the most sense for your project can seem daunting.

How Can My Business Apply for Utility Rebates?

Apollo Lighting will take care of the entire rebate process. We will review your project select the rebate programs most beneficial to your bottom line. We secure the products necessary, fill out the paperwork, and stay on your side until you see your refund check.

Apollo Lighting is a Mass Save and Energize Connecticut commercial vendor and an upstream vendor for Energy Smart Colorado. We also have experience in a variety of instant utility rebate structures for commercial customers across the country. Whether you’re a contractor or end user, we can help you navigate the complex offerings, insuring you meet all requirements for maximum refund at a minimal out-of-pocket expense.

To get started with our comprehensive commercial utility rebate programs, contact Apollo Lighting today.

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