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Apollo Lighting Illuminates Luxury Condominium for Decades

Brook House Condominium, a luxury residential community in Brookline, MA could be considered Apollo Lighting’s oldest customer — they’ve been working with Apollo’s president since before he joined the company! “I worked with David before he started Apollo,” and the relationship has endured, explains Peter Hopkins, projects manager for the Brook House Condominium Trust.


Hopkins, who has managed the facilities at Brook House for over three decades, relies on Apollo Lighting for more than just “lights fixtures and bulbs.”  Apollo Lighting understands the “specific needs of multifamily customers.” 

Since Hopkins answers to the condo trust, which is controlled by the board,  there are “lots of people to satisfy.” Luckily, “Apollo seems to realize that and they work with me to make everyone happy.”

Additionally, Hopkins relies on Apollo Lighting for support. He learned the hard way that “cutting corners leads to lack of expertise.” When the association decided to use a cheaper supplier, they ended up with “no name bulbs that they had some issues with,” and the online transaction meant there was no live person on the other end of the line to make it right.


Simply put, the solution is service. According to Hopkins, Apollo Lighting is “willing to work and understand the climate that we’re in, addressing price sensitivity and taking the time to make the board part of the decision-making process.”

Of course saving money doesn’t hurt either, “The biggest benefit lately is the energy efficiency program,” admits Hopkins. Brook House benefited from Apollo’s energy-saving recommendations and utility rebates.

“We’re in the process of converting everything from florescent to LED,” he says. Shared use areas requiring a variety of different fixtures including  are all being upgraded.


Over the last three years, major annual projects have reduced energy consumption by at least 40%. Brook House residents enjoy brighter futures thanks to this enduring partnership.

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"They work with me to make everyone happy." —Peter Hopkins, Projects Manager, Brook House Condominium Trust